Which Powers we have

Meaning of “we”  here is “I and My supernatural army and weapons and My Elders, Guru, and main ‘AKAL PURASH’. I am nothing without them.

Supernatural Weapons  which I use is came  from ‘AKAL PURASH’(Main Creator) not from any God  or  Goddess. 

Few of those weapons are like our traditional weapons. Like round iron circle ( Chakra), sword, arrows and many mores.

I am only servant these powers is property of creator not mine. I can serve the peoples in this world or upper world with these powers given to me.  And this is truth not for profit making and not for ego satisfaction.  I am not baba g or sant g I am simple person who is like you and other. But if I don’t open my secret  spiritual powers then  many needy people will not get justice.

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